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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Fisioterapia e Funcionalidade

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Objectives and Profile of the Graduate

Objectives (general and specifics):


The Master Program in Physiotherapy and Functioning (PPGFisio) has the main goal of training masters and doctors (soon) with excellence in teaching and research, based on functioning, with products of relevant impact on society.


  • PPGFisio aims to provide knowledge of high quality to students with an impact on education, science, and technology.
  • PPGFisio aims to develop skills in methodological strategies applicable to scientific research, systematic and clinical studies in the area of Physiotherapy and Functioning.
  • PPGFisio aims to train professionals with evidence-based practice and interdisciplinarity.
  • PPGFisio aims to develop the professions of Physiotherapy and Physical Education, through innovation and/or improvement of assessment and intervention methods in the different stages of life.

Profile of the Graduate:

  • The professional trained by the Master Program in Physiotherapy and Functioning (PPGFisio) will have competencies and skills to develop teaching and research activities with a humanized, critical, resolutive and evidence-based praxis.
  • The trained professional will know how to use the methodological strategies applicable to research in the program main research area and lines of research, with innovative research products and impact on society in the field of Physiotherapy and Functioning.
  • The Alumni will be able to develop academic activities in undergraduate and graduate courses, with a critical and reflective view of professional performance, in addition to stimulating and disseminating high-quality scientific production, promoting benefits for society, becoming a source of social changes.
  • The Alumni will expand academic and scientific production, stimulating the development of safe and resolutive practices in comprehensive health care for Brazilians in their different stages of life. It also includes qualified professionals to work in clinical and management areas based on the biopsychosocial model with practice supported by science, innovation, cooperation, and social relevance.
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